About us

Who we are

M General Construction is a fully trained, licensed, bonded, and insured construction company attentive to the needs of every project that we manage. As a boutique firm, we pride ourselves on our client relationships, creating long lasting partnerships through trust and reliability.

We understand that no two projects are alike, and we are dedicated to supporting each one with our fullest attention to ensure that every project is a success. Timely and thorough communication with our partners is a cornerstone of our business and we pride ourselves on maintaining a spotless safety record.

Our history

M General Construction (B – General Building contractor) is an experienced construction company based out of Garden Grove, Orange County, CA. Started in 2016, the company began with a full-scale commercial TI construction and home remodeling project, which quickly became one of the specialties of the company.

After working on numerous projects throughout the greater Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside areas, M General Construction has built a strong, wide-ranging network of professional relationships to design and deliver project in all areas of construction – Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructure.

As a full-service construction contractor with its own in-house team of experts from various fields – engineering, project management and construction management, to name a few – M General Construction is well positioned to manage all types of projects from start-to-finish.

M General Construction is widely trusted for its attention to detail in every aspect of a project. By providing redundant checks for both safety and production at every stage of a project, we ensure that all issues are identified and immediately/appropriately addressed to ensure your safety, satisfaction, and success.

As the industry stabilizes and continues to grow, M General Construction has capitalized on its experience to be well positioned to take the next step forward. With an expanding clientèle across multiple areas of construction, we are excited to work with you and demonstrate why we are the preferred construction firm for a growing list of projects.

Our success is a direct reflection of the quality of our work and the trust given to us by our clients to deliver. Through these partnerships, we create long-standing and dependable relationships. What we build for them, we build for ourselves.


our value



Professional expertise, delivered



Protected for the present, preserved for the future.



Mutually proactive and transparent



Dependability, built through quality